I'm doing everything as directed by this tutorial.


./tezos-signer import secret key teste2019 encrypted:edesk1d3bvnPdjzqseEpKyv5NfhJfHcuCn2R3Lxfn3a8HAe9LjPn9iKzxX3iX1NdykCfYGUUGEXcoy8KVpEPApwzSf8hwjW24bMeBbCADL2JNQAD7pA9oaL
./tezos-signer launch socket signer -a -p 22000 -W

But when I run this command

tezos-client import secret key teste2019  tcp:// -f

I get this error:

  Cannot parse the key uri: tcp://
  Failed to read a b58check_encoding data (Signature.Public_key_hash): "edpktoahiHd2E8oXAJqfefDJ98PMe3Whkw5UHDBF

What am I doing wrong?

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