Currently, tezos sandboxed mode blocks transactions until something like this is ran:

tezos-client bake for bootstrap1             

Question: how to enable auto-bake ? (like geth --dev)

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You can use the sandboxed baker using the tezos-baker-alpha binary. To do so, run ./tezos-baker-alpha -P 18731 run with local node /path/to/generated/data_dir where both the node's rpc and generated data directory should be logged in the sandobxed node logs.

I recommend using a persistent and static data directory to avoid copy/pasting the path at each run. To do so run the sandboxed node using the DATA_DIR environment variable. For example: DATA_DIR=/path/to/data_dir1 ./src/bin_node/tezos-sandboxed-node.sh 1; then run your baker using that path.


You can also use tezos-sandbox mini-net to run full network sandboxes with bakers, endorsers, etc.

https://tezos.gitlab.io/developer/flextesa.html & tezos-sandbox mini-net --help

  • Thanks Seb ! I can't seem to be able to use flextesa for now because it really wants interactive mode, i'm just looking to start a sandbox in a docker compose service and run my rpc call tests, perhaps you can provide a solution in this question ? Have a great day tezos.stackexchange.com/questions/1740/… – jpic Nov 8 at 17:48

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