I'm trying to transfer from an originated contract and built the transaction as explained here:

tezos-client transfer 0 from tz1xxx to KT1xxx \
            --entrypoint 'do' \
            --arg '{ DROP ; NIL operation ; PUSH key_hash tz1xxx ; IMPLICIT_ACCOUNT ; PUSH mutez 10000 ; UNIT ; TRANSFER_TOKENS ; CONS }' -D

However, I receive the following error message:

Invalid primitive:
  1: { DROP ;
  2:   NIL operation ;
  3:   PUSH key_hash tz1xxx ;
  5:   PUSH mutez 10000 ;
  6:   UNIT ;
  8:   CONS }
Primitive tz1xxx has invalid case.
Fatal error:
  transfer simulation failed

What do I need to change to build a valid transaction?


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You should replace PUSH key_hash tz1xxx by PUSH key_hash "tz1xxx" (note the double quotes).

However, the client should be smart enough to understand tezos-client transfer 1000 from KT1xxx to tz1xxx.

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