A few days ago I submitted a ballot for the Babylon proposal, switch the Baking app to the Tezos app on my Ledger Nano S and voted through Kiln. I switched back to the Baking app.

I missed a few endorsements, then I re-authorized the ledger thinking it would be the right fix, but again I missed other endorsements....

Through kiln-shell I tried to investigate a bit.

tezos-client list connected ledgers


  Failed to acquire the protocol version from the node
  Rpc request failed:
     - meth: GET
     - uri: http://localhost:8732/chains/main/blocks/head/protocols
     - error: Unable to connect to the node: "Connection refused"

## Ledger `xxxxx-bloodhound-yyyyy-puffin`
Found a Tezos Baking 2.2.0 (git-description: "") application running on
Ledger Nano S at [0001:0009:00].

To use keys at BIP32 path m/44'/1729'/0'/0' (default Tezos key path), use one
  tezos-client import secret key ledger_xyz "ledger://xxxxx-bloodhound-yyyyy-puffin/bip25519/0h/0h"
  tezos-client import secret key ledger_xyz "ledger://xxxxx-bloodhound-yyyyy-puffin/ed25519/0h/0h"
  tezos-client import secret key ledger_xyz "ledger://xxxxx-bloodhound-yyyyy-puffin/secp256k1/0h/0h"
  tezos-client import secret key ledger_xyz "ledger://xxxxx-bloodhound-yyyyy-puffin/P-256/0h/0h"

So the ledger "xxxxx-bloodhound-yyyyy-puffin" is known to the Tezos client.

KilnEndorsement.log says:

kiln-endorser[961]: Sep 27 .... - 004-Pt24m4xi.baking.endorsement: Error while injecting endorsement for delegate tz1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx : 
kiln-endorser[961]: Sep 27 .... - 004-Pt24m4xi.baking.endorsement:   Error:
kiln-endorser[961]: Sep 27 .... - 004-Pt24m4xi.baking.endorsement:     Found no ledger corresponding to ledger://xxxxx-bloodhound-yyyyy-puffin/ed25519/0h/0h.
kiln-endorser[961]: Sep 27 .... - 004-Pt24m4xi.baking.endorsement: 
kiln-endorser[961]: Sep 27 .... - 004-Pt24m4xi.baking.endorsement: 

Adding one more command line for debug:

tezos-client -P 8733 get ledger authorized path for ledger://xxxxx-bloodhound-yyyyy-puffin/ed25519/0h/0h


  The  Tezos  network  is  a  new  blockchain technology.
  Users are  solely responsible  for any risks associated
  with usage of the Tezos network.  Users should do their
  own  research to determine  if Tezos is the appropriate
  platform for their needs and should apply judgement and
  care in their network interactions.

Authorized baking path: 44h/1729h/0h/0h
Authorized baking curve: ed25519
Authorized baking URI: ledger://xxxxx-bloodhound-yyyyy-puffin/ed25519/0h/0h
  • Can you confirm what version of Kiln you are using? – mikereinhart Sep 27 at 13:51
  • Kiln version 0.6.2 – Babell Sep 27 at 14:55

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