I'm trying to use ConseilJS to make a transfer to a contract from a webpage.

I'm using a keystore object based on my tezos-client wallet.

 const keystore = {
            publicKey: 'edpkvAsDWNg3ygZ11NDjsMFDgdQ3z9mmGAzfnYrc4Ch8NNTezyWy8o',
            privateKey: 'edsk4KYzU19Hj7wuZX9it5L6pyRwz9zss2wk627kkvuGJB7vXHcwB8',
            publicKeyHash: 'tz1bwT9XB9tpzTKKw7UtTSzS9dfXjAzqXzoi',
            seed: '',
            storeType: conseiljs.StoreType.Mnemonic

I get the following JS error:

TypeError: invalid privateKey length

Indeed, my private key on zeronet doesn't have the same length as the one provided on the ConseilJS tutorial.

I get the same error if I try to reconstruct a keystore using restoreIdentityWithSecretyKey.

 const keystore = await conseiljs.TezosWalletUtil.restoreIdentityWithSecretKey('edsk4KYzU19Hj7wuZX9it5L6pyRwz9zss2wk627kkvuGJB7vXHcwB8')

Please retry creating the keys from the faucet mnemonic, it sounds like you missed a few characters when copying the secret key.

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