I checked this post Moving chain data to a new hard drive, but I was unable to do them. I couldn't create the symlink, because I don't know where the data is.

  • Where is the blockchain data that I can create the link to?
  • How is that command written?

I also tried the commands listed here: https://tezos.gitlab.io/tezos/introduction/howto.html, but I think those are extra steps that I don't need. I already have a running alphanet, so shouldn't I already have a config file? Where is it? Thanks for your help

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By default, the chain data is stored in the ("hidden") directory located in ~/.tezos-node.

If you want to avoid using a config file, you can use the proposed "symlink" method. Otherwise, you can simply move the data directory:

  • stop your node,
  • move the data directory wherever you want (mv ~/.tezos-node /path/to/somewhere),
  • run your node using the --data-dir /path/to/somewhere optional argument to specify a custom data directory location.

You should consider using the config file as it avoid using many option when running your node and eases the deployment.

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