How import snapshot in node which running in docker container? For example snapshot from https://tezosshots.com.

I see only one variant, it's copy file from 7z archive in mounted volume directory. Isn't right?

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You don't need to copy the archive, you can use a volume when running the container. Then you can use the tezos-snapshot-import command of the official image:

docker run --rm -v ${HOST_TZ_DATA_DIR}:/var/run/tezos/node -v ${HOST_TMP_DIR}:/tmp/fast_node tezos/tezos:mainnet tezos-snapshot-import /tmp/fast_node/${MAINNET_FILENAME}

Replace variables to your needs, we assume that the snapshot file was downloaded to the ${HOST_TMP_DIR} with the ${MAINNET_FILENAME}.

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