The baker is running on a server with terminal only. I manage the server through a SSH authenticated PuTTY connection. I compiled and run KILN with:

./backend -network mainnet

and the application is running with the following output:

enter image description here

Desired Result:

I want to manage the KILN monitor on my local Firefox browser:


How do I have to configure PuTTY for this purpose? Is the following config tab the right one?

PuTTY SSh Tunnel Configuration

  • Nor sure if I understand your question correctly, but wouldn't it be easier and more efficient to just use the IP-address of your server that runs Kiln in the browser of your local machine, for instance:
    – cryptodad
    Commented Feb 10, 2019 at 10:20

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My initial problem was that I used the external IP in the tunnel configuration. The following solves the problem Reference to documentation on PuTTY tunnels:

1) Set "Source Port" for the port on your local machine: 8000.

2) Set "Destination" to your internal IP address on the remote machine including port 8000 as highlighted in the screenshot and press "add".

3) Make sure to save the configuration afterwards.

Screenshot of configuration. Remark: This is the internal IP of my server where you have to enter the one of yours

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