The Emacs michelson-mode relies on being able to call Tezos client. How can you use the Tezos sandboxed client for it?

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After you initialize the sandboxed client, running which tezos-client command will give you the absolute path for the sandboxed client. In Emacs you can then set the variable michelson-client-command to this path.


You can open emacs in the same terminal as you ran:

eval `./src/bin_client/tezos-init-sandboxed-client.sh 1`

When running this script, a path corresponding to the sandbox tezos-client (it looks like /tmp/tezos-tmp-client.XXXXXXX/bin) is added to the PATH env variable.

Alternatively, you may want to use the following command (with the correct path) in another terminal:

PATH=/tmp/tezos-tmp-client.XXXXXX/bin:$PATH emacs file.tz

Also, you can have a look at https://tezos.gitlab.io/master/user/sandbox.html for more information about the sandbox mode.

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