I was just trying to create a wallet using TezosJ_SDK specifically using Pocket and I have enchanted the following error: java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not initialize Android KeyStore.

The code I have is:

import milfont.com.tezosj_android.model.TezosWallet;


TezosWallet pocketWallet = new TezosWallet("password123", "DEV123", TezosNetwork.ALPHANET, 60000); 

Log.d("new wallet is", pocketWallet.getPublicKeyHash());

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apparently it is not a TezosJ_SDK related issue, but a problem with using a KeyStore inside JUnit Tests on Android Studio.

To solve this issue and continue developing with TezosJ_SDK on Android Studio, just move your code from the test unit to MainActivity onCreate() method. It will work.

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