I used tzscan.io api make some data analyze. But maybe some wrong in the api result.

Baker: tz1XXayQohB8XRXN7kMoHbf2NFwNiH3oMRQQ

This baker miss cycle 111 block 454759. But:


The resule show cycle 111, I can see it lost is 0. Anyone know Why is that?

cycle: 111,
delegate_staking_balance: "102628821373",
delegators_nb: 17,
delegated_balance: "87610472469",
blocks_rewards: 16000000,
endorsements_rewards: 39000000,
fees: 0,
future_baking_rewards: 0,
future_endorsing_rewards: 0,
status: {
status: "rewards_delivered"
gain_from_denounciation_baking: 0,
lost_deposit_from_denounciation_baking: 0,
lost_rewards_denounciation_baking: 0,
lost_fees_denounciation_baking: 0,
gain_from_denounciation_endorsement: 0,
lost_deposit_from_denounciation_endorsement: 0,
lost_rewards_denounciation_endorsement: 0,
lost_fees_denounciation_endorsement: 0,
revelation_rewards: 0,
lost_revelation_rewards: 0,
lost_revelation_fees: 0

Missed bakes or endorsements are not accounted as lost. But these missed blocks are not taken into account in block_rewards field. "lost_**" are only from denunciation or missed revelation.

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