I am using TezBox to make a transaction from tz1fVCLCR9zKMgGBTvuxcQufktXwwXJVC5KE to my smart contract KT1BNuzMP54AoPNWQF45LkjhcFjW3A48rcHb. In the parameter field, I use Left "tz1PkBUSrV2kSQYvsuwfz5kWXzigtkjR4i4o". I put a high gas limit, 20k. The transaction is accepted, it says "Awesome". But after waiting for a while and checking on TzScan, nothing appears. The smart contract has no transaction, storage is not updated, etc... When I take a look at the Network tools from Chrome, it seems like everything is fine. I don't understand why the transaction doesn't show on my smart contract while TezBox still accepts it and says "Awesome!"...

I tried using CLI and it worked fine. My command was

./tezos-client transfer 0 from tz1fVCLCR9zKMgGBTvuxcQufktXwwXJVC5KE to KT1BNuzMP54AoPNWQF45LkjhcFjW3A48rcHb --arg 'Left "tz1PkBUSrV2kSQYvsuwfz5kWXzigtkjR4i4o"' --burn-cap 0.012

And it worked fine. I was instantly able to see the transaction in my smart contract, as well as the updated storage.

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