"http://localhost:8732/chains/main/blocks/BL8uS3sAr7UgtNryr4oyY9dJv4Nbds36UzvWbY6HRLvG1EiwoLA/operations" "http://localhost:8732/chains/main/blocks/BLFFLhrVqdTw1HCagqKBbuAoSFQ8dZwyJgWqNCWgFvisbr8h8ff/operations"

Why is the second one not returning results? rpc interface name: GET ..//operations

I suspect that the block before it was too long can not find the data with this interface.

Is there any other interface to query all transactions in a block?

  • What mode are you using? Full or rolling? – Klassare Aug 3 at 15:40

Your node seems to be running in either full mode or rolling mode. Our public node is running in full mode with a snapshot taken at level 532481 and it also does not find the block.

Block explorers need to run an archival node to provide their service. The block in question is found by TzScan and you can see that it was baked at level 51856 - well before the checkpoint of our node.

To answer your second question: you need to either run a node in archival mode, use a block explorer or query an API like the one from TzScan.

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