I have successfully implemented an origination method and it is working. Nevertheless, when I try to set a delegate to the originated address, it does nothing. I receive no errors at all from the Tezos node. But the operation hash points to nothing.

In the operations array, I am appending a reveal op (to reveal the originated address) and a delegation op.

The manager address is: tz1S37hEZnNrAXfzuRYSjG9Qxq8VrwpWaukB and the originated address is KT1XFqZeHDPw4TmkjgCN5knsYvZYGj2r5c3F.

What may I be doing wrong?

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Thanks to Klassare, who kindly analysed my JSON, it worked. I was using the wrong FEEs values. This table might help many other developers:

enter image description here

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