tezos-node snapshot import mainnet.full.tar.lz4 --data-dir=/mnt/abc

Aug 1 03:56:17 - shell.snapshots: Importing data from snapshot file mainnet.full.tar.lz4

Aug 1 03:56:17 - shell.snapshots: You may consider using the --block argument to verify that the block imported is the one you expect

Aug 1 03:56:17 - shell.snapshots: Retrieving and validating data. This can take a while, please bear with us

Aug 1 03:56:18 - node.main: Cleaning directory /mnt/abc because of failure tezos-node: internal error, uncaught exception:

        Out of memory

        Raised at file "src/core/lwt.ml", line 2998, characters 20-29

        Called from file "src/unix/lwt_main.ml", line 26, characters 8-18

        Called from file "src/bin_node/node_snapshot_command.ml", line 70, characters 10-26

        Called from file "cmdliner_term.ml", line 25, characters 19-24

        Called from file "cmdliner.ml", line 25, characters 27-34

        Called from file "cmdliner.ml", line 116, characters 32-39

Anyone know how to resolve this problem ?

  • where you got that snapshot from? if that worked for you , please let me know the link
    – kahmed
    Aug 3, 2019 at 18:37

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This errors appears when your machine is running out of RAM while importing a snapshot. A snasphot import can be done with around 2GB of RAM (event less I think). Does your machine meet the requirements ?

However, it seems that the command your are executing (tezos-node snapshot import mainnet.full.tar.lz4 --data-dir=/mnt/abc) is using a compressed snasphot file: mainnet.full.tar.lz4. Should not you extract it first using lz4 -d mainnet.full.tar.lz4 | tar xf - ?

  • Thanks your reply. My mistake lz4 -d mainnet.full.tar.lz4 | tar xf - is right.
    – NIU NIU
    Aug 1, 2019 at 12:56

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