I am implementing the "delegation" and "origination" methods in TezosJ_SDK_plainJava.

Occurs that, the origination method I wrote, although is creating an operation and writing it to the blockchain correctly, it appears as "pink" (failure).

Here is the operation I am sending to the blockchain:

[{"delegate":"tz1S37hEZnNrAXfzuRYSjG9Qxq8VrwpWaukB" ,"spendable":true ,"gas_limit":"10000" ,"storage_limit":"257" ,"balance":"2000000" ,"manager_pubkey":"tz1S37hEZnNrAXfzuRYSjG9Qxq8VrwpWaukB" ,"kind":"origination" ,"fee":"1730" ,"delegatable":true ,"source":"tz1S37hEZnNrAXfzuRYSjG9Qxq8VrwpWaukB" ,"counter":"1086164"}]

It does not give me errors, but when I check on the chain, I got a pink line: https://tzscan.io/opH2gaV3tD8CgzQ74aEhwq3iLbQzNxfMExzjSW4qjPxQjDtwsA1?default=origination

What am I doing wrong here?

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The delegate address must be registered as a baker on the blockchain. It should give you an error message if you do the pre-apply before injecting the operation.

  • That was it. I was passing the wrong address for the delegate. Commented Jul 31, 2019 at 21:42

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