What’s the best way to monitor/alarm on double baking? If a professional baker wanted to set up alarms/paging, is there an alternative to setting up your own tzscan instance and check with a cron job?

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Kiln is a open-source Bake-monitor solution.

Kiln alerts users if a Monitored Node:

1.Is on the wrong network

2.Is not on the fittest branch

3.Falls behind the current head block level

4.Cannot be reached by the Monitoring Software (e.g. is offline)

5.Reports fewer than a specified number of active peer connections

6.When a Tezos update is available

Or if a Monitored Baker:

Misses a baking or endorsing opportunity

Has been deactivated due to inactivity or will be within one cycle

It also has a notification service in-build:

To conifgure Telegram notifications: Click Settings from the left panel then click Connect Telegram and follow the instructions in the popup.

To configure e-mail notifications: Click Settings from the left panel and provide the SMTP configuration for your SMTP server in the form under Email. Add an email address to receive alerts and click Save Settings.

Source: https://gitlab.com/obsidian.systems/tezos-bake-monitor/blob/develop/README.md

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