I am running a node using Kiln Version 0.5.3 running on Ubuntu.

I am baking using a Ledger device and I am attempting to vote using Tezos Wallet App Version 2.0.1

When I select Vote on Kiln, I show my Ledger device recognized and I see “Respond to the Prompt on your Ledger device...” but I do not see a prompt on the Ledger, then I see on Kiln “The Ledger prompt was rejected or timed out. Please try again.”

I am in the Tezos Wallet App when attempting. I am able to use this app to authorize other transactions (sending XTZ).

I’d really like to vote, just not sure what to do as I have attempted multiple times and have also re-installed the apps and re-paired the Ledger to Kiln.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Also, command line solutions are beyond my pay grade...

Thanks in advance.

  • It's a bug. Remove the baker, vote, add the baker again.
    – ping_
    Commented Jul 31, 2019 at 5:55

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It sounds like your baker went inactive when you were switching between Kiln and Bakechain. You can use a block explorer such as tzscan to confirm if you went inactive.

Once your rolls are captured in a snapshot you should regain voting rights a few cycles later.


It sounds like this issue may have to do with the fact that I stopped using Bakechain for a few weeks before starting back up with Kiln so I am waiting on my turn to start endorsing and baking again. It would make sense that my voting rights are on hold too.

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