I'm trying to view the contents of a big_map in the storage of a smart contract. However, querying my Tezos node doesn't seem to provide that information. Is there a way of using the RPC interface to directly obtain the elements contained within a big_map?

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As of 004_Pt24m4xi:

You can use the big_map_get RPC to get individual values out.

There is also a tezos-client command for this. (By passing -l we can see how it works through the RPC.)

$ tezos-client -l get big map value for 1 of type nat in KT1Qu32f8N5RLPoku5n8itiGaJ1a3eJDj5gu
>>>>2: http://localhost:18731/chains/main/blocks/head/context/contracts/KT1Qu32f8N5RLPoku5n8itiGaJ1a3eJDj5gu/big_map_get
  { "key": { "int": "1" }, "type": { "prim": "nat" } }
<<<<2: 200 OK
  { "int": "2" }

It is also possible to use the binary raw context RPC to explore the entire contents of the big_map, all at once or in pieces. I won't go into the details; they are difficult and seem out of scope. The relevant path is:


Be careful. If you experiment with context/raw/bytes outside of a sandbox, use ?depth=1 to avoid overloading your node by requesting the entire context at once.

The depth query parameter also enables you to scan the contents of a very large big_map, over multiple requests.

The protocol does not store the actual keys of the big_map in the context. It only stores the hashes of the keys. This means you cannot obtain the actual entries in the big_map (particularly, the keys) without either:

  1. Scanning (non-pruned!) blocks in the chain for operation receipts of transfers to your contract, which include the big_map_diff with the actual keys, or
  2. just knowing the keys somehow, and hashing them to find the corresponding entries.

As a hack, to waste some space in exchange for convenience, it is possible to store the unhashed key again inside the value. Then scanning the contents with context/raw/bytes can reveal the keys.

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