eztz.rpc.getBalance("tz1ZzQFmd6e2YTUrkggADWUj5c68wsynpkCZ").then(function(res){ ^

TypeError: Cannot read property 'getBalance' of undefined

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npm i eztz wont work.

Instead you can add eztz's git repo as a dependency in your package.json

"dependencies": {   
    "eztz": "git://github.com/TezTech/eztz.git#0c6b93ffdd774f7ed3c528058f854deb0649a61c"  

After that you just run npm i or yarn to install the package.

When you want to use the library you have to import it

import { eztz } from 'eztz';

...or use require.

var { eztz } = require('eztz');

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