Is there any way to add new peers to a running tezos-node in private mode?

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Generally we can use the tezos-admin-client binary to add new peers:

./tezos-admin-client connect address <node ip>:9732

But the latest version of the binaries as of today (7/3/2019), the above does not work for nodes in private mode.

Another approach is by calling the /network/points/{point}/trust rpc route, example:

> curl http://localhost:8732/network/points/<node ip>:9732/trust

// logs in the node
Jun 12 01:48:54 - validator.peer_6: Worker started for NetXgtSLGNJvN:idsMbqZqhyVU

First trust the node, then connect to it:

  tezos-admin-client -A localhost trust address <node ip>:9732
  tezos-admin-client -A localhost connect address <node ip>:9732

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