Are there any freely available recent snapshots for the main net that I could download ? I'm looking for either full or rolling.


TzDutch has been providing recent backups of the chain since the beginning of betanet called quicksync. This service has proven to be trustworthy and invaluable to a lot of new node operators. They now have an import friendly version also since the introduction of snapshots.

Update: TzDutch is shut down and sadly, quicksync is no longer available. I recommend using Tezosshots, they are newer but trusted source run by an active community member.

  • Thank you for your answer and thank you TzDutch! The last snapshot from quicksync is a bit more than one month old. It's already really valuable but something even more recent would be awesome and I was wondering if something like this existed. – FFF Jun 30 at 18:31
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    TzDutch are out of business. The quicksync is not available anymore. – Phlogi Oct 11 at 6:53
  • See my answer or check: github.com/Phlogi/tezos-snapshots – Phlogi Oct 30 at 21:08

You can already get full mode snapshots here.

Alphanet Archive and Mainnet Archive coming soon™.

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    Thank you! Having all snapshots will be super useful. – FFF Jul 27 at 12:42
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    Any update on the Mainnet archive download? i would need it very urgently – DZDomi Aug 20 at 23:09
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    7-zip compressed Mainnet archive files uploading right now. – Blindripper Aug 22 at 6:43

Automated full and rolling snapshots available here: https://github.com/Phlogi/tezos-snapshots

  • These are the only snapshots that worked for me. Thank you! – Luis yesterday

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