I'm trying to typecheck a script, but sometimes get the following error:

$ tezos-client typecheck script helloTezos.tz
  Unrecognized command.
  Try using the man command to get more information.

This appears to be the case whenever my local tezos-node process is still warming up or in some other strange state.

The error message is misleading! Why is a network connection needed at all for type checking?

I built tezos according to the following instructions: http://tezos.gitlab.io/mainnet/introduction/howtoget.html#build-from-sources

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Typechecking is done via a protocol RPC, if the node hasn't loaded the protocol, the RPC won't be available. You can also use a sandboxed node to typecheck contracts.

Why is the coupling with the node so tight? It shouldn't be, but there is one type of value that can be stored in a contract... Other contracts. The typechecker needs access to the ledger state to check the type of these contracts. Ultimately, this should be uncoupled but, today, it still is.

  • I too am running into this, using alphanet.sh. I can run ./alphanet.sh client rpc get /stats/gc and get back stats, so I'm assuming the rpc endpoints are good to go, but all I ever get is the Unrecognized command for type checking. I started everything with just the ./alphanet.sh start. Also, should typecheck show up in ./alphanet.sh client man? (I don't see it)
    – Justin
    Jan 15, 2020 at 21:18

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