I did it below:

$ ./mainnet.sh shell

$ /usr/local/bin/tezos-node snapshot export BL8K1e24CHsqnMPzdyPcSDQpPh2Vr8TNbPcg4Et3cEHgvXx3H14.full

tezos-node: internal error, uncaught exception:
        (Failure "No such file or directory")
        Raised at file "src/core/lwt.ml", line 2998, characters 20-29
        Called from file "src/unix/lwt_main.ml", line 26, characters 8-18
        Called from file "src/bin_node/node_snapshot_command.ml", line 70, characters 10-26
        Called from file "cmdliner_term.ml", line 25, characters 19-24
        Called from file "cmdliner.ml", line 25, characters 27-34
        Called from file "cmdliner.ml", line 116, characters 32-39

Any solutions?

  • Have you successfully found a solution to this? I believe tezos/docker doesn't currently support this (even though technically you weren't using docker and mainnet.sh to do the export).
    – lostdorje
    Jun 11, 2019 at 16:37

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You have to specify the data directory of your container using --data-dir argument:

tezos-node snapshot export --block BMEH5XAWK4Z1Ds632VVyu9PjW2SKW27Mts4reL8fJCUQVFfgJu7 BMEH5XAWK4Z1Ds632VVyu9PjW2SKW27Mts4reL8fJCUQVFfgJu7.full --data-dir /var/run/tezos/node/data

You can use docker inspect to find it, look for the Cmd entry in the output, e.g.:

docker container inspect tz-node ... "Cmd": [ "tezos-node", "run", "--history", "full", "--data-dir", "/var/run/tezos/node/data", "--net-addr", ":9732", "--rpc-addr", ":8732" ], ...

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