I have the following P2P settings in my config file for my public nodes, it seems to be okay, and is bootstrapping from the foundation nodes but I am interested to hear if there could be any improvements. Are there any additional settings that would make it work better? Are the values entered sensible?

        "p2p": {
            "private-mode": false,
            "bootstrap-peers": [ "dubnodes.tzbeta.net ", "franodes.tzbeta.net ", "sinnodes.tzbeta.net" , " nrtnodes.tzbeta.net" ],
            "listen-addr": "",
            "limits": {
              "authentication-timeout": 5,
              "min-connections": 100,
              "expected-connections": 100,
              "max-connections": 500,
              "backlog": 20,
              "max-incoming-connections": 100
  • One note: by setting min_connections = expected_connections, you cause a certain calculation in the p2p code step_min = (expected - min) / 3 to result in 0. (Search for step_min in the code.) It is not immediately clear to me whether this is troublesome, but it is an edge case... I could try to explain the apparent significance of min/expected/max in a specific question about them -- this question seems too broad to answer.
    – Tom
    May 31, 2019 at 21:31

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Use ./tezos-node config update --connections=300 to fix your config file, as Tom said, those numbers should not match. Then restart tezos-node. Make sure your firewall is open, and any routers are port-forwarding to port 9732. You should also enable the RPC while you are at it config update --rpc-addr= so that you can use other tools which interface with the node API.

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