I'm not using docker; I've upgraded OPAM to 4.07.1 and just compiled the new mainnet and have also upgraded the node/blockchain; the node is running and seems happy based on logs looking like they always have. But now running my baker/endorser for existing protocol003, for every new block that comes I get

003-PsddFKi3.client.scheduling: Can't fetch the current event. Waiting for new event

instead of the regular No slot found for message that is usually seen.

Is this a problem? Seems like it wouldnt bake when the rights come?

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I went back and redid everything, apparently I may have had mistake during conversion, and maybe was using wrong binary versions between the node/baker, etc.

Someone helped me log the actual cause:

Error: State.Chain.get_level_index_protocol

which indicates that there is some kind of incompatibility between the baker daemon and node data...

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