I'm interested in creating a token, similar to an ERC20 token on Ethereum, on the Tezos network. If I see correctly, as of now there is no possibility to track tokens on any of the public block explorers. Is this correct, and will that change? I found a token contract by Mr. Andrews, ꜩtoken, but I'm not sure in how far this will result in what I am looking for. Could you please shed some light on the state of tokens on Tezos and how to dive deeper into the topic? I heard tokenized real estate offerings are coming to the platform. What will that look like? Thanks.

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There are currently two token standards on Tezos worth considering FA1.2 and FA2. There are already originated contracts for these on the Tezos mainnet. You can explore them at Better Call Dev FA1.2 and Better Call Dev FA2.

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