So I want to dive into the tezos project a little, therefore I tried to set up a tezos node running the alphanet to fiddle around a little.

I followed the official documentation and used docker on my mac to get the latest containers for running the alpha net.

So far so good:

dev-imac-pro:tezos andy$ ./alphanet.sh status
Node is running
Baker is not running
Endorser is not running
The script is up to date.

But running andys-imac-pro:tezos andy$ ./alphanet.sh client identity generatethrows:

Error: Unrecognized command. Try using the man command to get more information.

So It looks like the node is not running? There is also no $HOME/.tezos-node/just an $HOME/.tezos-alphanet/folder.

What do I do wrong? How do I run the tezos-node command using the alphanet.sh script?

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Tezos Alphanet is now called "Babylonnet". Future Testnets will get the name of the actual active (or future) protocol.

Follow this guide to setup a Babylon Testnet node.



sudo ./alphanet.sh shell


tezos-node identity generate

But even after this i got Too few connections(0) error. Please, write here if you will got this error too. You can join issue discussion here https://gitlab.com/tezos/tezos/issues/614

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