(Tezos version: d272059bf474018d0c39f5a6e60634a95f0c44aa)

I recently configured my tezos node with TLS certificate on the RPC API:



  "rpc": {
    "listen-addr": "[::]:8732",
    "crt": "/home/tezos/my.website.crt",
    "key": "/home/tezos/my.website.key"

Now, a command like tezos-admin-client p2p stat just hangs and eventually times out after several minutes.

If I remove the crt and key entries, the command works fine again.

How can I configure TLS and still have working local Tezos commands?

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The answer turned out to be to add --tls to the command like this:

tezos-admin-client --tls p2p stat

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