I've set my node's log level to 'warn' which reduced quite a bit of noise.


        "log": {
                "level": "warn"

But the baker and accuser are still too noisy and I'd like to eliminated the following informational messages.

May  9 06:36:09 odroid tezos-baker-003-PsddFKi3[3832]: May  9 06:36:09 - client.baking: No slot found at level 429711 (max_priority = 64)
May  9 06:37:02 odroid tezos-accuser-003-PsddFKi3[3740]: May  9 06:37:02 - client.denunciation: Block BM8DoWnzngdk registered

I suppose I could redirect stdout and stderr to /dev/null but I'd still like to have warnings and errors appear in my syslog.

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