When starting my baker I use the command:

./tezos-baker-003-PsddFKi3 -d /home/account/.tezos-client run with local node /home/account/.tezos-node/ baker

The output that I'm getting is:

Waiting for the node to be synchronized with its peers...
Node synchronized.
Baker started.
  Did not find service

I attempted to add specifics to the command in hopes it just wasn't using the RPC port:

./tezos-baker-003-PsddFKi3 -d /home/account/.tezos-client -c /home/account/.tezos-client/config -P 8732 -A run with local node /home/account/.tezos-node/ baker

No luck from any of that, still get the same "Did not find service" error.

  • Did you moved your data-dir of the node to an other location than /home/[account]/.tezos-node ?
    – Tezos Vote
    Commented Apr 10, 2019 at 11:34

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It looks to me like your baker cannot find your node. Make sure your node is running on The baker is a separate service instance, but it needs to fetch data from the node.

Perhaps you can find some useful information here.

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