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Top new questions this week:

How do you know your node baker, endorser, accuser is running properly?

Before the update my tezos baker was running fine, the accuser when running would update every minute or so with a line that displayed in the terminal, the baker and endorser did not have anything ...

node baker endorser accuser  
asked by electroMiner 1 vote
answered by utdrmac 0 votes

What is a 'valid case' for bls12_381_fr?

I am trying to originate a contract using bls12_381_fr types and am running into an error. The same contract originated successfully on the edo branch of the Metastate repository. Now I am running the ...

origination types bls edo  
asked by Darius 1 vote
answered by Rodrigo Quelhas 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

API Access HTML/Javascript problem

I have an issue trying to use javascript to get the circulating supply by requesting data from Tzscan API: HTML code to request the circulating supply: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head>...

api javascript circulating-supply  
asked by Lexxor 4 votes
answered by Richard Ayotte 7 votes

What are the steps to claim my XTZ account?

Could someone please provide clear step-by-step instructions on how users can claim their XTZ from the fundraiser ? This would be a good reference article for many.

asked by Ezy 5 votes
answered by Blindripper 7 votes

Are there any wallets that support the FA 1.x token standard yet?

As StakerDAO moves towards mainnet launch, we are looking for a wallet partner that will enable the display of our token data. The STKR token is built on the FA 1.2 standard. Do any wallets support ...

asked by Jonas 6 votes
answered by Andreas Gassmann 3 votes

Dune Error Building from Sources

I'm trying to build from sources but when I run $ make I get the error: File "docs/doc_gen/errors/dune", line 15, characters 1-52: 15 | (action (run %{} %{deps}))) ^^^^^^^^^^^...

asked by Daniel Jacob Behnke 1 vote
answered by arvidj 0 votes

How to make an offline transaction?

How do I create an offline transaction on an air-gapped device and broadcast it to the network?

transactions security  
asked by XTZST2O 14 votes
answered by Blindripper 19 votes

Since a blockchain has no concept of time, how do you determine if a baker baked “on time” or not?

I understand that when a baker is chosen, they have a certain amount of time to bake before those rights are passed on to the second, third etc. Since the blockchain itself has no concept of time, ...

baking baking-rights  
asked by Sam Davies 5 votes
answered by Eugen 2 votes

Is there a Tezos equivalent of Ganache?

In Ethereum, Ganache is one of the most popular blockchain emulators used for local development purposes. Is there an equivalent tool for Tezos?

asked by Paul Razvan Berg 3 votes
answered by thoranddrjones 3 votes
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