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Listen for operations of a deployed contract

Coming from an ethereum web3 background, I'm accustomed to listening for a contract's events to figure out when things happen in my contract and react accordingly in the application. I'm looking for ...

smart-contracts tezos-client operation taquito dapps  
user avatar asked by jon Score of 1
user avatar answered by jon Score of 4

How to add and transfer from originated accounts in the CLI wallet

In the Tezos client manual I only find commands to get the manager and balance for an originated account (contract). How can such an account be added to the client for monitoring balances (such as add ...

wallets tezos-client  
user avatar asked by cryptodad Score of 5
user avatar answered by cryptodad Score of 8

Available snapshots for main net?

Are there any freely available recent snapshots for the main net that I could download ? I'm looking for either full or rolling.

snapshots mainnet  
user avatar asked by FFF Score of 9
user avatar answered by Frank Score of 7

What flavor of zksnark in tezos

I have read that Nomadic Labs is working on incorporating some flavor of zksnarks into tezos for future amendment proposal (presumably in 2019). Looking at the literature I see there are many flavors ...

user avatar asked by Ezy Score of 8
user avatar answered by Marc Score of 20

How to check balance on a specific date

I need my XTZ balance for a specific date in past. I am not sure how to get this as most blockexplorers do not offer a date field for searching historical balances. Can somebody help me?

user avatar asked by philsn Score of 2
user avatar answered by Groxan Score of 2

What are nonce-revelations?

I'm in the process of setting up a HA baking infrastructure with multiple full nodes and a single baking service that can move to a different node if one goes down. I think I've got a handle on most ...

baking protocol consensus  
user avatar asked by asbjornenge Score of 6
user avatar answered by Frank Score of 8

Tezbox - transfers not working

I have a mac tezbox wallet. I can login and see my tz and kt address and balance. However I am not able to do any transfers. I tried installing the new tezbox , clear and restore, nothing works. Any ...

user avatar asked by nawazus Score of 1
user avatar answered by Seldeen Score of 1
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