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How to generate a fake but valid protocol hash?

How do I generate a fake but valid protocol hash, like ProtoGenesisGenesisGenesisGenesisGenesisGenesk612im?

asked by Eugen Score of 9
answered by Eugen Score of 5

How to get big map value on Babylon

Babylon will have a new RPC to query big map value according to this link I tried using it with a ...

rpc bigmap  
asked by Simon B.Robert Score of 11
answered by Tomáš Zemanovič Score of 8

How do I set up a tezos node via command line on Ubuntu?

I'm wondering if someone can give me start-to-finish on how to do this on Ubuntu, the Tezos Gitlab page is very outdated.

node baking-node  
asked by Mack Baise Score of 1
answered by Mack Baise Score of 1

Ethereum/Solidity dev here, looking to migrate some Solidity contracts onto Tezos. Was hoping to have some light shed on a few questions

Was hoping to have some light shed on a few questions. Narrowing in on using Ligo, Archetype, or Liquidity. Is Liquidity kind of a dead-end right now? I noticed it's not listed on developeres.tezos....

michelson liquidity smartpy ligo  
asked by Justin Score of 6
answered by arvidj Score of 10

How do I import a snapshot using docker?

I tried to import snapshot but it didn't work. $ ./ snapshot import BMJgBK8rR4gZPaTcj8EN6uu93hU7AVhPM16GsSB14ZMVxoW1iQ1.full mainnet: Pulling from tezos/tezos Digest: sha256:...

node docker snapshots  
asked by tezos_tacos Score of 7
answered by lostdorje Score of 5

Galleon not showing delegation addresses

I delegated to several bakers and when I open my Galleon wallet I can only see my manager address. And all the delegated addresses I created have a scroll kind of charging and says "preparing new ...

delegating galleon  
asked by bonsfi Score of 4
answered by UmurB Score of 5

Configuring own node on Temple wallet: `Invalid RPC: Cannot get chain id`

I've set up a full mainnet node on a VPS. The RPC port of the node (8733) is not exposed to the Internet, but I can access it from my local machine via an SSH port forward: ssh remote-note -L8733:...

node rpc temple  
asked by ktorn Score of 2
answered by ktorn Score of 1
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