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Top new questions this week:

Is it possible to test for type exceptions in SmartPy?

How do you catch parameter type exceptions in SmartPy tests? There's an example of exception testing in: An example from docs # Assert exception result ...

smartpy testing  
asked by OrderAndChaos 2 votes
answered by Rodrigo Quelhas 1 vote

How do I use sp.if_ and sp.for_ control statements in pure Python?

I'm following this: guide, but it's written for the SmartPy online IDE, I'm trying to do this all in my local dev environment. PyCharm IDE gives me an "An ...

asked by OrderAndChaos 1 vote
answered by OrderAndChaos 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is it recommended to be 100% delegated for a baker?

I am wondering if my baker will miss any endorsements (or blocks) being 100% delegated. I have heard that they still must have some free capacity because required deposit may vary from cycle to cycle ...

baking bond-pool  
asked by indigo 6 votes
answered by lefessan 6 votes

Maximum supply in tezos

1) Is there a way we can vote for a maximum supply in tezos ? 2) would that be a desireable thing from a tokenomics perspective ?

protocol economics  
asked by Ezy 4 votes
answered by Ezy 2 votes

'Tezos' wallet addresses generation

Can someone please give me a step by step noob guide on how to create a number of (say 100) new addresses(public key hashes, starting with something like 'tz') for my tezos wallet?

wallets api  
asked by Vishal Singh 3 votes
answered by Mikhail Petrov 1 vote

Unable to do basic tezos-client commands in Carthagenet

I'm very new to Tezos and would like to experiment a bit with its Smart Contracts. Due to some changes from Alphanet to Carthagenet some of the tutorials online are partially deprecated and I'm not ...

tezos-client alphanet shell  
asked by Qohelet 2 votes

Ethereum/Solidity dev here, looking to migrate some Solidity contracts onto Tezos. Was hoping to have some light shed on a few questions

Was hoping to have some light shed on a few questions. Narrowing in on using Ligo, Archetype, or Liquidity. Is Liquidity kind of a dead-end right now? I noticed it's not listed on developeres.tezos....

michelson liquidity smartpy ligo  
asked by Justin 6 votes
answered by arvidj 10 votes

How can I understand why a transaction has failed?

Transaction error codes? A random failed example transaction on does not provide a specific error code. It has been injected by an unknown node without access to its terminal output. Is ...

asked by Ezy 8 votes
answered by Klassare 8 votes

Galleon not showing delegation addresses

I delegated to several bakers and when I open my Galleon wallet I can only see my manager address. And all the delegated addresses I created have a scroll kind of charging and says "preparing new ...

delegating galleon  
asked by bonsfi 4 votes
answered by UmurB 5 votes
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