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Top new questions this week:

Understanding the latency of `tezos-node`

How can I decrease the lag of my tezos-node? I'm playing around with tezos-node, and I noticed that my node lags behind the blockchain by about 10 seconds. Specifically, I'm seeing a difference of ...

node performance  
asked by emchristiansen 2 votes
answered by Eugen 2 votes

Counter not correct after "lost" transaction

We have a transaction that was sent more than 12 hours ago. First it sat in mempool, not it reports to be "lost" - But when ...

asked by Carl Cherry 1 vote
answered by Carl Cherry 0 votes

Can't see 35% gas optimization on protocol 009

I looked around and could not see any example of known smart contract (FA1.2, FA2, etc) that is now using less gas then before Florence protocol.

protocol gas  
asked by Babell 1 vote
answered by Raphaël Cauderlier 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to make an offline transaction?

How do I create an offline transaction on an air-gapped device and broadcast it to the network?

transactions security  
asked by XTZST2O 14 votes
answered by Blindripper 19 votes

TezBox won't let me create a KT1 account for delegating

I'm having an issue with TezBox. I have my ICO wallet there, with the XTZ I bought at this time, and I activated it but never did anything with it. Now I would like to start delegating but for that I ...

tezbox kt1  
asked by Sebastien 4 votes
answered by ssseee 4 votes

How to check balance on a specific date

I need my XTZ balance for a specific date in past. I am not sure how to get this as most blockexplorers do not offer a date field for searching historical balances. Can somebody help me?

asked by philsn 2 votes
answered by Groxan 2 votes

Tokens on Tezos

I'm interested in creating a token, similar to an ERC20 token on Ethereum, on the Tezos network. If I see correctly, as of now there is no possibility to track tokens on any of the public block ...

asked by ava 3 votes
answered by MCH 1 vote

What is the adequate fee for a reveal operation?

When transferring funds to a non-revealed Tezos account, one must pay a "reveal fee". What is the optimal value to use for this fee? Or is this a fixed amount? What would be the adequate fee for a ...

account transfer reveal fee  
asked by Luiz Milfont 7 votes
answered by Arthur B 10 votes

How to undelegate your account

is there a way to undelegate your funds? I know I am in control of my funds all the time. But what if I just don't want to delegate any longer. Can the delegation be stopped? If so, what command do I ...

api delegation  
asked by RKl 2 votes
answered by Raphaël Cauderlier 5 votes

Storage and costs

I have tried a google search but with no luck as to what the costs are for storing content on the Tezos blockchain, if these costs are kept on a level if the price of XTZ goes up, plus what are the ...

asked by Dominic Reid 1 vote
answered by Groxan 2 votes
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