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Top new questions this week:

How to decode raw transaction?

I am using @taquito to build and sign a transaction. But before I send it I want to decode it to check my destination address, amount etc like you would normally do for other blockchains. Not sure ...

javascript taquito signature  
asked by coder123 3 votes
answered by Tomáš Zemanovič 3 votes

Synthetic "migration" operations in - any way to get them from the node?

I have a problem similar to this one. We have full node and sync blockchain data to our DB by calling RPC API /chains/main/blocks/N. We have come across some addresses balances for which differentiate ...

asked by DimaA6_ABC 2 votes
answered by Tomáš Zemanovič 2 votes

How to delegate the balance of a smart contract?

I am looking to create a smart contact that will delegate the funds it is storing. 1) How does an originated KT address delegate to a baker? 2) If a KT address delegates, can it do anything else? I ...

smart-contracts smartpy delegating  
asked by Bryan Campbell 1 vote
answered by utdrmac 0 votes

What is Big map on Tezos?

I saw Big map on Tezos contract but I don't really understand what is it. Someone can explain to me ? Many thanks!

asked by askemeline 1 vote
answered by Raphaël Cauderlier 1 vote

Pascaligo map iteration issue

I try to fetch a list of addresses with expired date by appending the address to list(address). However when doing map iteration, it encounters a persistent error says 'not True'. Hope someone can ...

smart-contracts ligo  
asked by Michelle Song 1 vote
answered by Michelle Song 0 votes

How to use the /pack_data RPC endpoint to pack a map

To pack an address with the /pack_data we pass the following: const packedData = await `${nodeURL}/chains/main/blocks/head/helpers/scripts/pack_data`, { data: { ...

asked by Daly 1 vote
answered by arvidj 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Ballot RPC message

How are the last 3 fields (period, proposal, ballot) interpreted in the Ballot message? How is the vote encoded into the last byte?

voting operation  
asked by anonymoussprocket 4 votes
answered by Stephen Andrews 5 votes

Is double voting possible?

Say I have my tezos delegated to a baker. There is an open voting period, and that baker votes in my stead. After a little while, I stop delegating. Can I vote again? I imagine the answer is no. But ...

asked by luchonacho 7 votes
answered by mikereinhart 7 votes

What steps should be taken to safely upgrade a baker after a new protocol update

With the Athens upgrade looking likely, I am interested to hear how bakers can safely update their nodes to the latest version whilst experiencing minimum downtime. It has been straightforward doing ...

baking protocol  
asked by xtzbaker 13 votes
answered by paracetamolo 12 votes

the tezos protocol and the problem of over-delegation

Why does the Tezos protocol allow for baker over-delegation? It is the Tezos protocol itself that has encoded the amount of XTZ that needs to be put up for baking and endorsements and the protocol ...

baking protocol delegating  
asked by lostdorje 3 votes
answered by Ezy 3 votes

Can't send my tezos around because of a "transaction failed" error

I have my Tezos inside tezbox, but whenever I try to send them I get a "failed transactions" error. See details here. Any idea what's wrong?

transactions error  
asked by JoeR 3 votes
answered by JoeR 5 votes

What is the smallest monetary unit in Tezos?

What is the smallest monetary unit in Tezos, and where is it defined in the code?

asked by ktorn 3 votes
answered by ktorn 4 votes

When is a Tezos transaction considered to be confirmed?

I have often seen the general rule of thumb be 30 block confirmations. Is this adequate or is it better to count to 900 endorsements or use some other more complicated approach to determining ...

asked by cousinit 9 votes
answered by Stephen Andrews 5 votes
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