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Top new questions this week:

How do I parse a tezos operation via RPC?

I am trying to find out how parse a transaction using the RPC. I am running both a carthage and main net node on localhost. Both are rolling nodes. I have previously read this answer but I cannot get ...

rpc signature  
asked by Troels Bjørnskov 2 votes
answered by Simon McLoughlin 0 votes

How to get raw transaction from Tezos node

Given an operation ID, I would like the raw transaction as it appears on the blockchain, as a hex string. can I get the raw transaction from the Tezos node or Tezos CLI? How?

node tezos-client transactions raw-transaction  
asked by Thorkil Værge 2 votes
answered by Klassare 3 votes

Can I use BIP32 HD key pairs to derive ed25519 addresses

Can I use HD key pairs derived through the BIP32 scheme to derive anything other than secp256k1 addresses? Can I use the same extended private key/extended public keys as are derived through the BIP32 ...

address key signature  
asked by Thorkil Værge 2 votes
answered by Klassare 4 votes

How to check balance on a specific date

I need my XTZ balance for a specific date back in past. Not sure how to get this as most blockexplorers not offer a date field for searching historical balances. So can somebody help my getting the ...

asked by philsn 1 vote
answered by Groxan 2 votes

What do the sort and timestamp parameters to /preapply/block mean?

If you look at the documentation for .../preapply/block, you see two parameters: sort, and timestamp But there is no explanation for what these do. The RPC help does not even mention them: $ ./tezos-...

baking rpc  
asked by utdrmac 1 vote
answered by Tomáš Zemanovič 1 vote

What exactly is tested during Testing Phase of the governance cycle?

During the 48h cycle with the fork chain, what are bakers participating in the test doing? They are simply processing the same transactions that mainchain are producing using the new protocol looking ...

baking baker governance testing  
asked by Bluuee 1 vote
answered by Raphaël Cauderlier 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Since a blockchain has no concept of time, how do you determine if a baker baked “on time” or not?

I understand that when a baker is chosen, they have a certain amount of time to bake before those rights are passed on to the second, third etc. Since the blockchain itself has no concept of time, ...

baking baking-rights  
asked by Sam Davies 5 votes
answered by Eugen 2 votes

Are there public testnet rpc nodes?

Recently has turned off. I'm looking for some public testnet nodes for development purpose

rpc tzscan public-node  
asked by Ivan Zakharov 2 votes
answered by Blindripper 3 votes

Would it be possible to find a Derivation path for a public TZ1 address

I can not find my original Ledger Derivation Path that i used. I have tried all combinations that are known to be the default values of Tezbox: 44'/1729'/0'/0' 44'/1729' 44'/1729'/0'/1' etc. None ...

ledger wallets tezbox  
asked by Dark Peta 4 votes
answered by mikereinhart 4 votes

How to calculate gas and storage for an operation?

In protocol 003_PsddFKi3, how can the gas and storage usage be calculated without doing a dry-run in a node?

fees gas storage  
asked by Klassare 19 votes
answered by Arthur B 14 votes

What elliptic curves are used by Tezos?

Do tz1, tz2, tz3 addresses correspond to the different elliptic curves used by Tezos?

account cryptography  
asked by cousinit 11 votes
answered by Ezy 16 votes

Is it possible to 'destroy' a wallet?

I have a few wallets (tz1...), but I would like to only use one. Is it possible to delete a wallet? If so, does the blockchain record this action? Is there actually any benefit for the blockchain for ...

wallets blockchain  
asked by luchonacho 5 votes
answered by Ezy 6 votes

What are my remedies if I forgot the password I created during the fundraiser?

I lost the password that I created during the fundraiser. What are the options I have for recovering it?

fundraiser password  
asked by Ezy 7 votes
answered by cousinit 9 votes
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