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Top new questions this week:

Can a SORU operator commit to multiple rollups on the same deposit?

From Notice that, to publish a commitment, an operator must provide a deposit of 10,000 tez. Does that mean that once I've made my 10K ...

user avatar asked by Daniel Hines Score of 3
user avatar answered by Groxan Score of 1

How to swap object with taquito

I'm trying to swap NFT using such function: async function swap(fa2: string, contractAddress: string, objkt_id: number, royalties: number, objkt_amount: number, xtz_per_objkt: number, owner_address: ...

user avatar asked by Adam Levy Score of 2
user avatar answered by Adam Levy Score of 2

Bootstrapping and nonces

What's the best way for a baker that has around 20-50 blocks every cycle to bootstrap with a fresh copy of the chain? Apart from making sure the baker does not bootstrap when block rights are upcoming,...

bootstrapping nonce  
user avatar asked by Primate Score of 2
user avatar answered by vbot Score of 3

Rollup Q&A: Are tezos rollup all common goods using ctez token? What stops them from having a token?

[Question from reddit] I read that tezos rollups are "common goods that will use ctez or wrapped xtz", is this another feature of them being "enshrined"? What prevents SORUs to use ...

tokens smart-rollup rollup ticket  
user avatar asked by greeneye12 Score of 1
user avatar answered by greeneye12 Score of 1

Rollup Q&A: Why are Tezos "enshrined" rollup better than Ethereum smart contract rollup?

[Question coming from reddit] What makes the tezos rollups "enshrined" as compared to smart contract ETH rollups? Is it because the rollups have special treatment by the L1: specific sr ...

smart-contracts smart-rollup rollup  
user avatar asked by greeneye12 Score of 1
user avatar answered by greeneye12 Score of 1

Missing item in map error

I have defined a map and in a entry point i try to verify if the value of a key exists or not. I am getting error : Missing item in map: 'param' is not in {} while evaluating[params]. ...

smart-contracts smartpy  
user avatar asked by theBatMan Score of 1
user avatar answered by Jordan_tez Score of 1

Taquito - Beacon connect dialog on iPhone does not show Temple Wallet option. How to solve it?

I have a dApp that connects to wallets through Beacon, using Taquito. On PC Desktop computers and Android, the Beacon connect dialog window shows many wallet alternatives and also a blue generic ...

taquito dapps beacon temple connect  
user avatar asked by Luiz Milfont Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to make an offline transaction?

How do I create an offline transaction on an air-gapped device and broadcast it to the network?

transactions security  
user avatar asked by XTZST2O Score of 14
user avatar answered by Blindripper Score of 19

Is there a Tezos equivalent of Ganache?

In Ethereum, Ganache is one of the most popular blockchain emulators used for local development purposes. Is there an equivalent tool for Tezos?

user avatar asked by Paul Razvan Berg Score of 3
user avatar answered by Daly Score of 3

What steps should be taken to safely upgrade a baker after a new protocol update

With the Athens upgrade looking likely, I am interested to hear how bakers can safely update their nodes to the latest version whilst experiencing minimum downtime. It has been straightforward doing ...

baking protocol  
user avatar asked by xtzbaker Score of 14
user avatar answered by paracetamolo Score of 12

How to delegate more tezos to the same baker?

I delegated some tezos to a given baker for first time some days ago. This created a KT address. If I want to delegate more tezos to the same baker, do I simply send tezos to that KT address? Thus, if ...

user avatar asked by luchonacho Score of 7
user avatar answered by iguerNL Score of 9

What is a bond pool?

Some delegation services propose to also participate to a bond pool rather than just the usual delegation. How is that different? Is it safe?

baking bond-pool  
user avatar asked by Clement J. Score of 5
user avatar answered by Ezy Score of 7

Error on activate account alphanet on docker

I got a problem while running "activate account" with alphanet on docker (see image below). How do I fix it?

node docker alphanet  
user avatar asked by Cyber Peach Score of 4
user avatar answered by Pierre Boutillier Score of 4

How to upgrade a smart contract?

I'm building a smart contract that is sort of an index of signed documents (pointing to ipfs for the actual docs). What if I want to add some functionality to my app down the road and need to upgrade ...

smart-contracts design  
user avatar asked by asbjornenge Score of 15
user avatar answered by Tom Score of 9

Can you answer this question?

How should rollup deployers incentivise others to deploy a rollup node to ensure everyone's funds are safe?

Potentially AFAIU, these rollup nodes can be required to be much more beefy than on L1, right? Why would anyone run a second rollup node? Only to try proving the deployer rollup node being wrong, and ...

smart-rollup rollup  
user avatar asked by Ron Score of 1
user avatar answered by Ron Score of 0
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