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Top new questions this week:

Are contract views typechecked when only the main contract code is called?

I have been contemplating replacing off-chain views entirely with on-chain views in my contracts since the former leads to unnecessary work of having an otherwise redundant metadata big-map with a ...

michelson gas on-chain-views  
user avatar asked by Anshu Jalan Score of 3
user avatar answered by iguerNL Score of 4

Difference between EVM Bytecode and Tezos Michelson

Solidity compiles into Bytecode. Smart Contract languages on Tezos compile into Michelson. Ethereum uses EVM(Ethereum Virtual Machine) as the system, smart contract code written in high-level ...

user avatar asked by An Tony Score of 3
user avatar answered by iguerNL Score of 6

Pattern by which you can determine that this is a FA2 contract, and not FA1.2

i want to understand how tzkt indexer works. If there is some pattern by which you can determine that this is a fa2 contract, and not fa1.2? Maybe there is a prefix by which you can determine? I saw ...

fa2 fa1.2 indexer tzkt  
user avatar asked by Figario Score of 2
user avatar answered by Figario Score of 2

How to calculate gas fee for transaction?

I want to calculate three gas fees (low, average, fast) for transactions in the Tezos blockchain,Is there any formula to calculate gas fees for every transaction? I want to do an operation on the ...

gas fee  
user avatar asked by Taleb Score of 1
user avatar answered by Rodrigo Quelhas Score of 1

What is a Proof-producing Virtual Machine (PVM)?

[copied from Slack] Can someone explain what is Proof-producing Virtual Machine (PVM) introduced with SCORUs? Any guide or documentation will also work.

node scalability rollup  
user avatar asked by iguerNL Score of 1
user avatar answered by iguerNL Score of 3

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I import a snapshot using docker?

I tried to import snapshot but it didn't work. $ ./ snapshot import BMJgBK8rR4gZPaTcj8EN6uu93hU7AVhPM16GsSB14ZMVxoW1iQ1.full mainnet: Pulling from tezos/tezos Digest: sha256:...

node docker snapshots  
user avatar asked by tezos_tacos Score of 7
user avatar answered by lostdorje Score of 5

Tezbox - transfers not working

I have a mac tezbox wallet. I can login and see my tz and kt address and balance. However I am not able to do any transfers. I tried installing the new tezbox , clear and restore, nothing works. Any ...

user avatar asked by nawazus Score of 1
user avatar answered by Seldeen Score of 1

Maximum supply in tezos

1) Is there a way we can vote for a maximum supply in tezos ? 2) would that be a desireable thing from a tokenomics perspective ?

protocol economics  
user avatar asked by Ezy Score of 4
user avatar answered by Ezy Score of 2

Standard for generating Mnemonic words for wallets

Is there a particular BIP standard that is recommended for generating mnemonic? Tezbridge and Conseiljs-softsigner both utilises BIP39 but I understand that BIP44 is also being used. Which one should ...

wallets secret-key  
user avatar asked by Vinnyson Score of 2
user avatar answered by Mack Baise Score of 0

Tezbox and Ledger Problem

Here is my problem. I have Ledger Nano S installed with my Tezbox wallet. But, the Ledger doesn't recognize the wallet hash when I try to add an account. Nor can I send any coins out of the wallet. ...

user avatar asked by Francis Score of 3

What are my remedies if I forgot the password I created during the fundraiser?

I lost the password that I created during the fundraiser. What are the options I have for recovering it?

fundraiser password  
user avatar asked by Ezy Score of 7
user avatar answered by cousinit Score of 9

Is it possible to use natural logarithmic in your smartpy code?

If not,is there any alternative way to implement a natural log component into your smart contract code?

smart-contracts smartpy programmatically  
user avatar asked by George Mathew Kanianthara Score of 3
user avatar answered by FFF Score of 1
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