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Top new questions this week:

Updated fee constants in Delphi?

I am using the following formula and associated constants to calculate fees: Also referenced here: https://tezos....

operation fees gas fee  
asked by ewerx 6 votes
answered by Klassare 0 votes

On what block levels within a cycle can roll snapshots happen?

According to this documentation: Roll snapshots represent the state of rolls for a given block. Roll snapshots are taken every BLOCKS_PER_ROLL_SNAPSHOT = 256 blocks, which is 16 times per cycle. ...

baking snapshots baking-rights  
asked by Arthur B 2 votes
answered by Eugen 2 votes

Can I iterate over a big_map using Taquito?

I have made a web interface for Tezos token interaction and now I would like to show a balance overview of the loaded tokens, i.e. show a list of address, account tuples . This requires me to be able ...

taquito bigmap  
asked by Thorkil Værge 1 vote
answered by Claude Barde 3 votes

help with the URL for bakers

We want to launch a baker node. Can we use only one URL with a link to several nodes for baker, endorser, accuser? I mean so that one baker is launched and it is communicating to 2-5 nodes via one ...

node baking baker endorser accuser  
asked by Elizabeth 1 vote
answered by utdrmac 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

My Tezbox can't connect to

I am trying to make a XTZ delegation. Downloaded the Tezbox, but shows " Error Level N/A Not Connected " what's wrong for my tezbox. And how to fix this?

rpc tezbox  
asked by Bobby 1 vote
answered by Ezy 2 votes

Docker Containers Restarting (132), Illegal instruction (core dumped)

I'm consistently running into a show-stopper with alphanet and docker on ubuntu. I suspect it's something I consistently overlook when setting up. My docker containers only run for a second or two and ...

node docker alphanet ubuntu  
asked by Rob Hitchens 3 votes
answered by asbjornenge 4 votes

Having problem with Tezbox wallet

Wallet disconnects and reconnects. It can not send transaction. I am using latest version. I am getting message: "Operation failed. Forge validation error. Local and remote bytes don't match."

asked by Kutu 1 vote
answered by Sean Magin 2 votes

Inflation rate and economic incentives

Could someone describe the economic incentives at play when choosing the inflation rate for the tezos chain? For example currently the inflation is max 80 xtz per block which is a constant (assuming ...

governance economics inflation  
asked by Ezy 7 votes
answered by Arthur B 14 votes

How to delegate more tezos to the same baker?

I delegated some tezos to a given baker for first time some days ago. This created a KT address. If I want to delegate more tezos to the same baker, do I simply send tezos to that KT address? Thus, if ...

asked by luchonacho 7 votes
answered by iguerNL 9 votes

Creating public key hash

Could somebody please point me to a piece of working Python 3.7 code that generates a Tezos public key hash out of seed, password and e-mail address? Everything I could find so far is always a mix of ...

address key python hash  
asked by hh221165 3 votes
answered by Michael Zaikin 5 votes

Burn fee for empty account

Does .257 burn fee for new account needs to be put in the transaction operation? operations.contents.push({ kind: 'transaction', counter, fee: min_fee + burn_fee, // <-- here?...

fees fee  
asked by Rocco Musolino 4 votes
answered by Tom 4 votes
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