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Top new questions this week:

How to enable baker in sandboxed mode?

Currently, tezos sandboxed mode blocks transactions until something like this is ran: tezos-client bake for bootstrap1 Question: how to enable auto-bake ? (like geth --dev)

asked by jpic 2 votes
answered by vect0r 3 votes

Are there public testnet rpc nodes?

Recently has turned off. I'm looking for some public testnet nodes for development purpose

rpc tzscan public-node  
asked by Ivan Zakharov 2 votes
answered by Blindripper 3 votes

How to start flextesa in non-interactive mode?

I'm trying to run flextesa sandoxed network in docker-compose.override.yml to enable it in development environments of a project: tz: container_name: tz image: ...

asked by jpic 1 vote
answered by Seb Mondet 2 votes

How to unregister as delegate?

When I try to redelegate a former baker (delegate) the error is: Delegate deletion is forbidden (tz1.....)

asked by Babell 1 vote
answered by Tomáš Zemanovič 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What details should I look into when choosing the right baker to delegate?

What are the basic criteria to compare the quality of various candidate bakers when whom to delegate to ?

baking delegating  
asked by Zed. Bake'n'Rolls 6 votes
answered by Zed. Bake'n'Rolls 15 votes

What elliptic curves are used by Tezos?

Do tz1, tz2, tz3 addresses correspond to the different elliptic curves used by Tezos?

account cryptography  
asked by cousinit 8 votes
answered by Ezy 12 votes

Ballot RPC message

How are the last 3 fields (period, proposal, ballot) interpreted in the Ballot message? How is the vote encoded into the last byte?

voting operation  
asked by anonymoussprocket 4 votes
answered by Stephen Andrews 5 votes

Current level of block-chain

How can I get an actual level of block-chain from not synced node (via RPC). i.e how get how many blocks left for synchronization my node?

node rpc blockchain block  
asked by intosKai 1 vote
answered by vect0r 3 votes

How I can properly stop baking?

I have been baking for a couple weeks now. I've decided that solo baking isn't for me, instead I'm going to use a delegation service. So, the question I have is, how can I properly stop baking? Is ...

asked by Frank 5 votes
answered by cousinit 8 votes

Error while baking

I am baking tezos, I checked logs and saw errors: Apr 10 06:25:07 xxxx /var/log/tezos/tezos_endor.log[14727]: Apr 10 06:25:07 - client.scheduling: Error while baking: Apr 10 06:25:07 xxxx ...

asked by jimmy jun 2 votes
answered by mikereinhart 4 votes

Import Snapshot Failure

When trying to import a snapshot on a fresh install, I encounter this problem (Mac OS Mojave): May 25 21:33:02 - shell.snapshots: Setting history-mode to full tezos-node: internal error, uncaught ...

asked by tzduzit 3 votes
answered by jdsika 1 vote
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