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Top new questions this week:

One of my bakers has been hacked. Any negative impacts on delegators?

One of the bakers that I had delegated my XTZs for baking was hacked recently and has stopped its operation. Subsequently, I have changed my baker for the affected XTZs. I have all my XTZs in my ...

asked by Ketaru 5 votes
answered by cousinit 6 votes

Genesis Balances

I found out that the genesis balances of each account are present in . Couple of Questions: 1) I see Bootstrap Contracts have ...

contract account address block genesis  
asked by ralex 3 votes
answered by Arthur B 3 votes

How to hash a Tezos public key

I need to create a Tezos public key hash based on a public ed25519 key only. I am aware of an utility that generates entire keystore based on mnemonics - this is not what I need. I'd welcome either ...

hash offline  
asked by K SS 3 votes
answered by Bo Byrd 7 votes

Block Heights at which important changes happened to the protocol

I've been exploring the json dumps of each block through ./tezos-client rpc get /chains/main/blocks/<bid> and wanted to know the block heights at which some important changes might have happened ...

rpc protocol  
asked by ralex 2 votes
answered by Tomáš Zemanovič 3 votes

How to fix "Error: Delegation forbidden" from an originated address?

When trying to delegate from my Tz1 address I get "Error: delegate deletion is forbidden" I think I registered this address as a baker in the past. Is there a way to un-register?

delegating delegation  
asked by Mack Baise 1 vote
answered by paracetamolo 1 vote

How to create a tz1 address with a secret passphrase via command line?

I'm trying to create a wallet with a secret passphrase(15 words), however I can't find any documentation. Any way to do it via command line? Yes, I know how to do it via Tezbox

tezos-client wallets secret  
asked by Mack Baise 1 vote
answered by Arthur B 2 votes

Is baker deactivation explicitly recorded on chain?

Can one find out for a given block which bakers were deactivated through an RPC call? Is there any other way to explicitly find baker deactivations?

baking rpc  
asked by Vishakh 1 vote
answered by Eugen 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Recurring "No Ledger found" error by endorser

I am trying to bake solo on Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS both on notebook and in Windows VMware Workstation. Everything is up to date - Tezos node, Ledger Nano S firmware, Tezos Baking app installed by ...

ledger endorser  
asked by tzUserABC 7 votes

When are Tezos Rewards Unfrozen?

When are the baking and endorsing rewards earned by a delegator unfrozen by the protocol? Looking at the Tezos docs I see the lockup for a security deposit is PRESERVED_CYCLES (5) but it makes no ...

baker rewards endorser  
asked by h0ll0h 4 votes
answered by Stephen Andrews 2 votes

Amending the P2P Layer

Is it possible to amend the P2P layer of Tezos? As far as I understand from here, the amendment process is only for the economic protocol. If we wanted to suggest changes to how the P2P layer works ...

protocol network  
asked by ralex 5 votes
answered by cousinit 6 votes

What steps should be taken to safely upgrade a baker after a new protocol update

With the Athens upgrade looking likely, I am interested to hear how bakers can safely update their nodes to the latest version whilst experiencing minimum downtime. It has been straightforward doing ...

baking protocol  
asked by xtzbaker 13 votes
answered by paracetamolo 11 votes

How to add and transfer from originated accounts in the CLI wallet

In the Tezos client manual I only find commands to get the manager and balance for an originated account (contract). How can such an account be added to the client for monitoring balances (such as add ...

wallets tezos-client  
asked by cryptodad 3 votes
answered by cryptodad 5 votes

security with solo baker setup

I've seen a lot of people mention tezos setups for baking. The general idea would be to run a handful of FE nodes, likely geographically dispersed, and then having a private node which connects to ...

ledger hsm setup solo-baking  
asked by lostdorje 8 votes
answered by Luke Youngblood 6 votes

How do I import a snapshot using docker?

I tried to import snapshot but it didn't work. $ ./ snapshot import BMJgBK8rR4gZPaTcj8EN6uu93hU7AVhPM16GsSB14ZMVxoW1iQ1.full mainnet: Pulling from tezos/tezos Digest: ...

node docker snapshots  
asked by tezos_tacos 6 votes
answered by lostdorje 1 vote

Can you answer these questions?

Relative gas cost of map vs bigmap

Does there exist a realistic performance benchmark between map/bigmap? I am looking for a tipping point where it would make more sense to use a big map for gas cost optimization

michelson gas bigmap performance  
asked by Ezy 1 vote

What are the test_1 endorser, accuser and baker for?

I just set up a local enviroment according to using the I noticed that the script runs a test_1 endorser, accuser and ...

asked by rockZ 2 votes
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